Japan's #1
Internet Group

  • Over 10 million Domain Registrations
  • Hosting over 750,000 websites
  • Delivering over 30,000 installs a year
  • Smartest, Most Powerful Cloud Hosting Ever
  • Providing Strongest & Fastest SSL
  • Good for attracting customers
  • World's #1 Online FX Trading Platform
  • Our Principles

    We strive to contribute to the cultivation of Internet culture and the industry, to inspire customers and make them smile.
  • History

    In August 1999 we became one of the first Internet companies to execute an IPO in Japan.
  • What is Z.com?

    The red color of the Z.com logo is friendly and familiar while representing our passion for what we do.
  • Locations

    Europe Japan Asia United States
  • Overview

    We are a team of over 4,600 internet professionals.
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